"STREIF - One Hell of a Ride" has its world premiere in Vienna!

On Monday evening, Didier Cuche, the “King of Kitz”, and Hannes Reichelt, the reigning Streif champion, totally owned the red carpet in Vienna. Along with 730 other guests and the entire film crew, they enjoyed 115 minutes of pure Streif magic on the big screen.


It was a highly emotional experience for the protagonists of the movie who attended the event. The young Belarussian Yuri Danilochkin was “deeply moved”, Didier Cuche had “tears in his eyes” at the sight of Hans Grugger’s crash, and Grugger himself felt “extremely grateful” for the opportunity to attend the premiere.


For director Gerald Salmina and his crew, the long, thunderous applause at the end of the film was confirmation that the immense effort that had gone into shooting it had been worthwhile. fifty-five people were needed during the 2014 Streif Weekend alone, and it took 148 days of shooting between Kitzbühel, Switzerland, the Rocky Mountains and Minsk to create a complete picture of this prestigious downhill race.


Starting next week, all other ski enthusiasts and Streif fans can also go and see the movie. On 25 December, “Streif – One Hell of a Ride” is coming to cinemas throughout Austria.