"STREIF - One Hell of a Ride" in cinemas throughout Austria from the 25th of December 2014

On the 25th of December 2014, the stunning documentary about the world’s most famous ski race is coming to cinemas throughout Austria.


The Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel are the scene not only of unforgettable triumphs, but also of heart-stopping moments with serious consequences: one of “STREIF – One Hell of a Ride” offers unique insight into the history of these legendary ski races and also into the minds of the featured athletes.


The Streif is the world’s most famous ski race track, and nowhere in the world is the sport celebrated more intensily than in Kitzbühel. When the athletes, like modern gladiators, tear down the race track, it’s not only the tens of thousands of spectators in the finish area who cheer them on: the Streif downhill race during the annual Hahnenkamm Races is THE highlight of every ski season and millions of viewers worldwide follow the spectacular event on their TV screens.


Never before has there been a motion picture about a ski race quite like “STREIF – One Hell of a Ride”. It marks the 75th anniversary of the first Hahnenkamm Races and provides a peak behind the scenes of this major event.