STREIF - One Hell of a Ride

Erik Guay / Canada

Erik Guay from Mont Tremblant in Canada is a very experienced competitor, an extremely radical skier, a strong-willed person – and also one of the few downhill racers with a family. The 33-year-old with the big smile grew up in the province of Quebec, where he learned to ski from his father, his role model to this day. “My father is my hero,” Guay says, and even now, father and son sit down after important races to analyze the video footage together. Guay sees this trusting relationship as one of the pillars of his career, and in fact the Canadian comes from a family of skiers: Not only was his dad his first coach, but his mother taught him his first turns and today his brother, Stefan, is his technique trainer.


Within the tightknit downhill skiing community, Guay is regarded as a highly focused racer with the ability to concentrate extremely well on goals he defines from the beginning of each season. Year after year, the Streif is among these primary objectives. That’s the main reason why the Canadian is one of Aksel Lund Svindal’s biggest competitors, although the two get along well and regularly train together.


As a father, and as someone who has made savvy real estate investments, Guay is seen as a prime example of a modern professional who balances the rigors of being an exceptional athlete with the demands of both family and business. And it’s a balance he certainly needs to maintain, as ski racers in Canada can find it hard to live from the earnings in their sport alone. Unfortunately, Guay’s most recent injury (summer 2014) has added to his challenges. But, like many times before, the Canadian will give everything he’s got to bounce back and again be a frontrunner in the World Cup.