STREIF - One Hell of a Ride

Axel Naglich / Austria







Up and down and everything in-between, Tyrolean local Axel Naglich likes to ski mountains that no one has dared before. In the last couple of years Axel has been to the major peaks and pioneered some of the most extreme ski routes around the globe. He’s been to the slopes of Nuptse in the Himalayas, travelled to South America, skied down Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest Peak) and left his mark on Iran’s Mt. Damavand.


In fall 2006 however, Axel met his match, Mt. Cook’s Caroline Face turned out to be an untameable shrew and the defeated extreme skier returned back to the northern hemisphere. But plans were already afoot for a bigger, badder challenge. Axel took up a one of a kind adventure in May and August 2007 for an expedition to the remote Mount St. Elias - the longest snow covered vertical line on the planet, nicknamed “the unmerciful”.


As far as Axel was concerned, even just the possibility of being able to ski all the way down from the peak at 18,008 feet to the ocean was second to none. And thankfully his vision not only became a reality, but also an epic, awe-inspiring motion picture, simply entitled ‘Mount St. Elias’ - the portrait of a mountain and its conquerors.


When he’s not descending extreme slopes, Axel works as an architect in his studio in Kitzbühel and lends his expert knowledge to expeditions such as the Fischer Transalp which, after taking part in 2011, he joined again in 2014.